Graceful Impact

Coaching the makes a Graceful Impact in your life

Hi there, I'm Alice and this handsome guy is my best friend and husband, Timothy.

He's my biggest supporter and a huge reason I've had the courage to move forward and follow my dreams and purpose. 

My passion to help others was birthed through my own personal journey. I have been blessed with the gift of mentorship from many strong women and a few great men. They challenged me to grow and live up to the purpose and potential within me. It’s my desire to reciprocate that gift to empower women to identify their own strength, gifting, and value. I do this through workshops, coaching, and my Life Designers.

After years of traveling and facilitating workshops within the military and civilian communities throughout the United States I made a shift to become a Certified Life Coach. This has allowed me to use my journey in a more personal way to empower others using tools that weren't available to me in earlier settings.

Together with my husband, we coach couples in all stages of their relationship.

We cater to each couple, focusing on the skills needed to enhance intimacy and improve

 their health and happiness in the relationship.

​I am available to speak at events. My workshops enhance organizations and aid them in developing the skills that lead to a more cohesive working environment. You can contact me for more information on personal

and professional growth workshops.