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Choose your hard~

Sometimes when I sit down to write this blog I think of being in a room with you instead. I think of coming out and having a conversation instead of this one sided conversation. So for today's blog think about sitting, just us or maybe a few of our friends and talking about the hard things in our life.

I know you refrain from sharing about them because honestly we all have our own situations so why would we want to hear you complain about yours, right? Today that's not true. Today you have a safe space to share and vent and hopefully gain some perspective that makes this challenge you are facing a little more bearable.

Recently I was listening to something, probably a podcast and I heard the phrase Choose Your Hard. I wasn't familiar with this phrase so I leaned in. The gist of it was, everything is hard, so choose your kind of hard. (Now before I go deeper let me just say that there will be some things in life that are just hard...and there's nothing you can do about it. There's not another option, it may be things that are completely out of your control. That's not what this is...) I'll list a few examples:

I think you get this idea. I want you to keep this concept soft and malleable. This is not a rigid either or, there's still nuance. Live it out with nuance. Sometimes neither of the choices are really choices at all. What I hope for you is when things are hard...Is there another choice? In recent days one struggle for me was about school. I could dedicate myself to homework and studying while saying no to offers with friends and family which is hard. Or I could show up unprepared, which is also hard. I had to choose. Sometimes it just might be this thought of choice that reminds you that -in this situation- you have the power. Sometimes that might be the only perspective change needed to motivate you through the hard thing. I hope this helps.


On another note, how are your goals coming for the year? I haven't written mine out yet. I knew in January that with the class schedule I had that I couldn't add another thing to my plate. I am completing one of those classes this week and I will finally be able to breathe. So, over the next week I will be working on my goals, both short and long term. If you are interested in working through this together let me know. I know it's easier to commit when we do things as a community. I can create a zoom link if there are several of you who would like to spend a little time focusing on your goals. If you don't have the Life Designer, it's not too late. I still have a few that are available. If you prefer to just work on your goals you can download this handout on my website. On the homepage just click on the free download.

Have a fabulous week and I hope to hear from you.

Much love,

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