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Holiday Hang-over

It's Christmas Eve and as I write this my house is almost full of my family. Alyssa is spending the week in Norfolk to create a space for her and the dog to retreat when life at our house is too much. The boys are home for the holiday with my two oldest grand babies (who aren't at all babies any more). In the last week Timothy and I have traveled from Va to NC to spend some holiday time with our family friends. Then off to Pa to see our littles and celebrate with them. Then back home to Va just in time to clean up and prep for our holiday party. Thank goodness Alyssa did the menu and the shopping because it was all I could do to clean and prep the kitchen in time. Yesterday was our big extended family dinner with my mom and sisters. Needless to say, once I was home last night I was pooped! Today the plan was brunch. That's it, brunch. and for the rest of the day we will play with Legos, watch movies, drink cocoa, and maybe ride the ATV with Grandpa T. Tomorrow, dinner will be in the crockpot and the same plan for the agenda aside from exchanging gifts. I plan to take some time to rest and recover from all the traveling of the last couple weeks. Here's a little recap of some of our fun in the last week.

I think as hard as we try it's incredibly difficult NOT to overextend yourself during the holiday season. What I have learned and try really hard to incorporate is regulating my mood, guarding my self-talk, and knowing when I've had enough. (This includes people, situations, as well as the sweet goodies.) Talk about expectations with those you will be celebrating with. Or at the very least, those closest to you. The more effectively you communicate the less chance for conflict. And ask yourself- In the big picture, does this (your this will be different) even matter? Is it worth your energy? Is it worth your mood? Decide in advance to be joyful and kind regardless of how others may behave. You are not responsible for them.

I hope you have the most wonderful holiday week. As we go into the last week of the 2023 reflect on every good and wonderful thing or person that you have in your life. Focus on what's important and how to improve those growth areas. It's not too late to end the year on a positive.

Merry Christmas and much love,

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