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Flexibility and Presence

I haven't sat in my office for 10 days. That's a long time and as I type this out there are clothes all over the floor in front of me. I went to Kentucky and with the grandkids and my Ex's family. (Read last weeks blog for more on that.) I was planning to bring them home with me but unfortunately Timothy and I lost our friend, Tom, to an ATV accident and his funeral was in Ohio. So this turned my 2 short trips into one long trip. We went to Ohio to be with the family and celebrate Tom's life. He and Tim have been friends since their first duty station and he introduced us and was in our wedding. We left Ohio to head to SC where my friend Deanna's son was graduating from Army Basic Training at Fort Jackson. In 10 days I slept in 5 different hotels in 4 different states. You can imagine how good we slept last night in our own bed. So today we go back to our routines with the exception that the grandchildren are here for another week and that's why there are clothes all over the floor in my office. haha

I love this time of year when our schedules are more flexible and the kids can come and go. Hopefully the weather will give us a beautiful beach day at least once.

As a coach, when I write these blogs I try to think what's the best thing to highlight or draw your attention to. I never want to waste your time or just give you fluff, although sometimes some familiar fluff can be the best distraction. For this week, if I could remind or teach you anything it would be about the power of flexibility and being present.

*Stay focused on the thing and people in front of you.

*Don't get overly caught up in yesterday or tomorrow.

*The mess will still be there but the kids might not be.

*Perfection is an illusion.

*Sometimes you just have to wing it and go with the flow. (remember, it's just one meal, one night, etc)

*Also, tell your friends and family how much you love them and what they mean to you. You might not get another chance.

*And, for goodness sake, create a plan for the inevitable and get your affairs in order. Your family will find that losing you is hard enough without having to navigate your wishes and the estate without you.

I think I was a little all over the place, thank you for reading it and I hope something here resonates. This week was full of joy and grief. We celebrate two great men. One in his death and one in his accomplishment. And now I am home and it is FuLL! And, even though there is stuff ev-er-ywh-ere I am going to enjoy the time I have with these growing up too fast grandchildren. Oh, and to add to the already busting at the seams house, Toni is coming this week and bringing my two little with her!!

Have the best day available to you.

Much love,


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