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How do you define family?

I know that's a loaded question. I guess it's possible that maybe you haven't ever thought of defining it. Let me share with you a little bit about how I view family. This weekend I have been in Kentucky with my grandchildren and their grandfather (my ex-husband) and his extended family. He wanted to bring them here to see the Ark and the Creation Museum. We did that yesterday and today we took them to the Kentucky Horse Park. What I love about these two grandkids is that even though they have never lived together as siblings in one house, you wouldn't know it. They pick up with each other and never miss a beat.

I know you are wondering if it's weird to be here with my ex and his family? No. One, we were married like a hundred years ago. And two, after Donovan grew up and had children of his own Wayne and I had learned to let go of any hard feelings we had and developed a friendship. He and Tim have a friendship too and why not? It's in the best interest of all of us. And, we get to share these moments and give our grandchildren a view of family that they may not otherwise have. We try to work together. I was planning to drive the grandkids back to their dad to visit but Timothy and I have a funeral to attend out of town that threw a kink in that plan. So he is on his way here to join me in Kentucky and Wayne will take the kids to Va to their dad.

Here are a few pictures from our trip.

On a side note, tomorrow is Father's Day. Just like Mother's can be complicated. There are so many reasons this holiday, like others, can cause conflicting feelings. It's okay. I remind you often, you can feel more than one thing at a time and those feelings can be opposing. Be true to yourself. Honor the ones you feel led to honor, or not. Say the things, grieve the loss, celebrate the good. And, most importantly, please don't judge others in the way they do or don't celebrate.

I will be celebrating the men in my life who are great fathers while missing mine terribly and honoring his life in the way I love my family. How will you celebrate? (or not)

Much love,


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