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Don't let another year pass by without achieving the goals that matter most to you! With the guidance of the Grace Filled Life Designer, you can create meaningful practices and routines that add value to your life. This beautiful planner has everything you need for success as a busy woman (minus the housekeeper). 😉

The Grace Filled Life Designer comes complete with your calendars, personal growth exercises, and a monthly focal point guide your intentions. Each month starts with a large calendar and plenty of room for your notes and appointments.  Each week consists of a planning hub. The planning hub is where the magic happens. By executing this section each week you will save time and energy. The planning hub holds space for your shopping list, simple meal plan, To-Do list, a place to practice gratitude and so much more!  The guide also has personal growth practice exercises and reminders for practicing self-care.

I believe women deserve to achieve their dreams and still hold on to their true and best selves in the process.

NEW SIZE: 8.5X11

2024 Grace Filled Life Designer

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