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One of the most challenging seasons of my life came when I chose to respond to my inner knowing when it seemed contrary to what others thought. (You can trade inner knowing with feeling, unction, or God.) I had become so uncomfortable with the environment that I was in, to me, I didn't really have a choice. If I was going to have peace, then I had to follow Spirit...and it was hard. I knew then that there was a risk that I might mess it up, that I heard wrong, or chose wrong. You get the idea. But I also knew that if I did miss it that the Divine would not be surprised and that there would be enough grace for me and whatever mess I created. It just so happens that I didn't miss it that time. The challenge that faced me was there to help me grow and create a depth of character, love, and trust that it still guides me.

For me learning to trust my intuition (Again, you can trade that with Spirit, the Divine, etc) was tricky. Pretty much every message I ever heard on this topic was NOT to trust yourself, but we have discernment for a reason. We each have an inner knowing that warns us when there's trouble, gives us the instincts we need when people come and go from our lives. Don't let the voice of others be louder than your internal voice. And remember that growth comes through struggle.

If you are struggling with something, take a few minutes with yourself. You can sit with yourself, go for a walk, or grab a journal. Brian dump all that is going on in your head and heart. Now, it's easier to process your truth. If you have tried these tips and still feel stuck, please reach out. I am here for you and from one risk taker to can do this!

Much love,


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