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Changes on the horizon.

In 2015 I started Graceful Impact. This seemed like a natural next step in coaching couples, speaking engagements, and what would soon become the Grace Filled Life Designer. Over the last nine years, I have had the priviledge of speaking to womens groups from NC to CA. I have coached countless couples and women and even had the honor of officiating the wedding of a few that I have coached. All of this brings me so much joy! Now that I am finished with school I want to expand what Graceful Impact offers and change up the way I spend my time.

*I will continue coaching couples when they are referred to me and being able to officiate their wedding (if they aren't already married) will still be an added bonus.

*I will still create the Grace Filled Life Designer. I am making two changes to the designer. I will offer a digital version for those who use apps such as GoodNotes. This will be offered as a Download from my website. The digital version will allow you to move back and forth in the planner easily using tabs. You will have access to the same personal growth tools, monthly and weekly calendars as well as the planning hub all on the device of your choice.

*Secondly, I will no longer print the life designer and mail it out to you. You will be able to purchase it from Amazon and if you prefer spiral bound you can simply take it to an office supply store and have that done. It's too challenging for me to print a bulk order and try to guess how many I will sell. This will be less expensive on my end and hopefully not any more on your end. (As I go through this process with KDP publishing I will keep you posted on price and availability.)

*I will now offer logos and brand Idenity systems for small businesses. I have really enjoyed working with a few clients already to design a logo that fits their business/brand, etc. This will be an added feature on my website soon but you can contact me now if you are interested.

*Lastly, I will continue creating digital content that is beautiful such as journals, self-care guides, etc and share them as I complete them.

For now, I will continue the weekly blog. I enjoy reaching out and I have been blown away by your responses and by those of you who share them with others. Thank you for your continued support.

Much love,

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