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Creatures of habit...

I like routine and structure. I feel like I accomplish more when I have a routine. This last week was a little busy and in hindsight I could have written my blog early but I didn't. Then, Tim came home from a two week travel. My niece was in town to celebrate her baby boys first birthday on Monday and the other niece earned her Masters so we celebrated with her on Sunday. All in all it was a full weekend. We even found a few minutes to visit with our neighbors and hand out on the patio for a bit. So, I tried to live into my coaching and go with the priorities and not worry about the blog.

Today I am writing from the airport. I am traveling to California to spend a week with my friend Deanna. I will get to see a part of California that I haven't seen before and on Saturday I will facilitate a Spiritual Gifts Workshop. (You can find this downloadable workbook on my site with the other products. We have been friends for 20 years. We were drawn together by our common love of a volunteer program where we both served.We made an amazing team then and even more so today! We have been there for one another through a lot of life, the good and the challenges. In fact last fall, I was honored to perform the ceremony for her son Jack and his bride Mailee in Idaho.

My friend Deanna is an extrovert. She can work a room. Her smile and laugh are contagious. She is a natural born leader. She never meets a stranger and leaves you better than she found you. She is gift to every organization that gets her time and talent. I am fortunate to have her in my life. We compliment one another. We add value to one another and inspire growth. She is one of a handful of beautiful women that I am fortunate enough to call friend.

This week, I will be out of my norm, my routine, and my comfort zone. But, I'll be in good hands with a loving friend, meeting new friends, and empowering women to fully operate in their gifts.

How are you spending your week? What will you do to get out of your comfort zone? What friend came to mind when I told you about my friend, Deanna? Text or call her to tell her how much you appreciate her and the value that she adds to your life. 😊

Watch my social media for posts on my adventures while in CA.

Much love,


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