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Did you see the news?

Did you see the news today? Can you even believe it? It’s shocking!

No, I’m not psychic. And, it doesn’t matter when you are reading this I am sure there’s some big headline out there to cause fear, frustration, or at a minimum, confusion.

You don’t have to let that dictate your day, your life, or your emotions.

Look back over the last two years. We have endured some crazy and scary stuff. Now, think about all the beauty that also took place during those same two years. Babies were born, couples got marriage, graduations, new jobs, new friendships, or maybe for you it was smaller than that, it was a project that you were able to work on or complete.

If you are still struggling to see or remember the good, scroll through the photos on your phone. Look at the smiles, the sweet memories that were made. Let those faces of pure joy convince you that today you can write your own headline.

Maybe it’s; Friends have lunch together, Grandmother gets to spend the day with her favorite little people, or simply, Sending text messages of encouragement.

You can choose your headline today (and tomorrow). What will it be?

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