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Feeling conflicted...

Today is Mother's Day. While that is a reason to celebrate for some it's not for everyone. We have a tendency to respond to things from our perspective. That's normal. However, it's only one perspective in many. Mother's Day, like many other holidays can bring conflicted feelings. I bring this up today to bring awareness to a level of compassion and empathy that we can have for ourselves and others. Personally, I enjoy this holiday. I have three children who each show me love in their own way. And, I still have my mom to spend the day with. This isn't true for everyone. For the mother who lost a child, the person who has lost their mom or whose relationship is tricky at best, today can bring up lots of emotion. There are so many scenarios.

If you are a mom who celebrates this day my hope is that you have the best day possible. That you feel loved, appreciated, and pampered. You give everything to your family and deserve a day of joy. If today is hard for you for whatever reason~I hope you still have a day filled with love and relaxation. You deserve it also!! Whatever you feel today~your feelings are valid and you have a right to feel whatever it is you feel. For those of you who find today or days like today hard~I see you. Today I want to celebrate each one of you regardless of those circumstances.

Here's a little glimpse into my family. My Mama, who I consider one of my dearest friends. My children~Donovan, Patrick, & Alyssa. My grand babies~Rainy & Molli. And a family picture with Toni (she is like a daughter) with Lexi & Liam.

Have the best day available to you. May you feel loved and seen today! Practice compassion and kindness.

Much love,


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