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Holding Tight

Control is a topic that have worked on personally for many years. It's a topic that comes up in many conversations with other people. And, it's a topic that comes up in client sessions often. In the Grace Filled Life Designer I often include an activity on Control that helps visualize the areas where you have control vs the areas you really don't. Here is an example of the page from the 2023 Life Designer.

Control can be a tricky thing to navigate. This exercise can be used often when feeling stressed in areas where you find yourself grasping for control. I also find it easier to start the process of releasing control (or my illusion of it) once I have a visual that shows. me that I don't really have any control over that thing, situation, or person. I can only control me, my reactions, responses, thoughts, words, etc.

If you find this helpful, screenshot this portion of the blog and use it as a practice.

Today I was thinking of another aspect of control. A tight grip. As parents, we hold tight to our children and grandchildren. I am sure you can think of other areas where we may have a tight grip. When I began processing that I thought about what a tight grip would actually look like. A clenched fist. You can't hold much in a closed, clenched fist. And, anything that you may hold, you may not hold long if it needs room to move. Much like people and realtionshiops. Take a look at this example.

The clenched fist can't hold anything and I'm sure it requires a lot more energy to keep it clenched than the hands that are open and cupped. Take some time to process this illustration. What things in your life are you holding tight to that may flourish by letting go? Where could you put that energy to better use? Speaking from a recovering control's not worth the energy and I would dare to bet that the thing that you are holding tight to, like me is an illusion and most likely it's in an area where you probably don't really have control anyway.

As always, I hope you found this helpful and that it will add value to your life.

Much love,

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