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How are your blossoms? 🪷

My sweet neighbors gave me a beautiful orchid for Mother's Day. I think this is my first one. I think orchids are beautiful but I never bought one for myself because I always ethought they required a lot of work. The plants I have are easy and only require once a week watering. This orchid was beautiful so I wanted to keep it that way. It started on the island in the kitchen and then I moved it to the window for sunlight. After a few weeks all the blossoms were gone. It had water and light but something was missing. One night Timothy and I were talking about it and he said I should move it to my office that the kitchen was too busy. The orchid needing a calm atmosphere. Here is my lovely orchid after being in my office about a month. As of today, it has about 7 blooms and 3 buds. 😯

The orchid didn't like the kitchen. It's noisier, the temperature fluctuates, and it's busy. My office, on the other hand, is calm and peaceful. We are like this orchid. We don't bloom in just any environment. When the orchid was in the kitchen it didn't die completely but it didn't bloom either. Just because you are still functioning is not the same as blooming. What do you need to bloom? Think about it. Are you blooming now or just not dying? What changes can you make to your environment to cultivate a more peaceful and enriching space?

Much love,


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