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I'm late...

Those words can hold a lot of meaning to a woman. But for today's purpose, I'm only referring to this blog. I try to be very consistent and set it to post to your email at 6pm on Sunday evening. I figured by then I hope you are winding down from your weekend and preparing for the week ahead. I always hope to share something that you enjoy or that adds value in some capacity.

I'm late because I chose not to add this one more thing to my list of things that I needed to do before leaving town on Friday. On Friday, I finished all the assignments and exams for my 7-week, what was I thinking, Environmental Science class and lab. It was a lot of work!!! That's all I'll say about that. I planned a trip to NC to see my friends and to celebrate our birthdays of which 2 of the 3 of us have in March. I knew I would be finished with this class and it would be a good time to celebrate and be able to walk away from my desk. It was. I had a lovely time as usual with them. We have been friends since 2005. Jennifer and I bonded over hard work, sweat, and what we think were bedbugs on a mission trip to Biloxi, MS after hurricane Katrina. Carla and I during that same time frame while working with the Youth Pastor at the church we were attending. We have been friends since. These are two of my dearest friends. We have experienced a lot of life together. They are like family to me. To celebrate we got creative and did a little painting and of course shared a good meal. In fact, we shared at least three meals together over the weekend.

Jennifer painted that adorable bunny. Carla and I painted eggs. Michelle joined us later and painted the little chick. It was lovely. We caught up, shared stories, and laughed a lot. It was just what I needed. Then today on my way home I shared a meal with this lovely bunch. Patrick and Morgan surprised me. I thought they were out of town.

Now I am home and prepping for the week ahead and so incredibly grateful to have the one class out of the way so I can breathe and focus on the classes I love.

I hope you have the most wonderful week too. Prioritize the things in your life that matter the most. Sometimes, it's okay to put something off until another time, a better time.

Much love,

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