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I missed you last week.

It has been super busy around here the last couple of weeks. I was in NC for a wedding. I had the privilege to officiate a wedding for a lovely young couple on the beach last Saturday. Came back to close out all my classes and get ready for Alyssa's graduation and graduation party. Yesterday our youngest graduated from college and we are so proud. It has been a long four years. When she started ODU we were still in COVID. So you know how much life has happened in that time.

We had lots of family and friends in town and I couldn't have done it all without KJ Strong and Carla Marshall!! And Heather, she came and took lots of photos! I'm sure you'll see some of these once they are edited. Tim and I often, at the end of the night talk about our high and low of the day. Yesterday, my low was...I felt rushed after graduation to get everything to park and set up before people started arriving. (that's where good friends come in to save the day) The high...having almost all my loves there (minus Rainy & Molli) to celebrate this day with us. One of my greatest joys is when I can bring the people I love from the different areas on my life, to one to place, so they can meet and be friends too. 🩷 (oh that sweet baby is my great niece, Lainey Bird...she came in all the way from TN with her Mama, Danielle)

Alyssa is already working in her career field. She is an Associate Producer at WAVY10 here in Hampton Roads. She was fortunate enough to have an internship with them last summer. In January, they reached out, offered her a job and worked around her class schedule.

For me, I will walk across the stage tomorrow night with my classmates and friends from TCC with an Associates in Graphic Design. I have loved almost every moment of my experience at TCC. I have had the BEST professors and made some wonderful friendships and met the most talented people. I will continue with creating content for women like the Life Designer but will also branch out into doing more logos and brand identity systems and layout design.

While this season is coming to an end that means a new season for me, Alyssa, and all the graduates. Be proud of your accomplishments! You worked really hard to achieve that diploma. (I know I did) 😉

Don't ever stop learning, and growing. Help make the world a better place with your gifts, talent, and kindness.

Have the best week,

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