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Mother's Day (✅ or ❎)

It can be so complicated. Today you may feel a range of emotions, and rightly so. Today I want to honor every woman reading this blog, where ever you may fall on the spectrum of mother/daughter.

I have women in my life that fit every catagory in this image. And, you deserve to be honored today. Holidays, when many of us are celebrating it may feel lonely and isolating to those who aren't or can't seem to celebrate for a myriad of reasons. I want you to feel seen and loved today. Today is a day that I want to remind you that it's okay if you feel a range of emotions, even conflicting emotions. *Maybe you are a single mom and love being a mom and love your kids, but being a single mom is really hard so you also feel sad or frustrated. ~VALID

*Maybe you are a mom who lost a child but also has a child. Today you grieve that loss but also rejoice for the child you have and that relationship. ~VALID

There is no right or wrong way to feel today. My goal today is that you know you are loved, seen, and validated. (not that you need my validation)

While I have your attention, I also want to remind you to stop allowing culture to diminish you as a woman and a mom. It's hard work being a mom. Just because we are good at it (most days) or because woman have been doing it for a really long time doesn't diminish that it's hard.

So stop downplaying your role and acknowledge that you are a badass and when people compliment you or remark about something you have done well, just say Thank you!

I hope today that the people you are around will honor you in ways that you feel loved and not by adding to your workload. They can clean up the kitchen, if you got breakfast this morning. They can put the flowers in a vase, it you got flowers, etc.

Happy Mother's Day and have the best day available to you!

Much love,

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