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I've been listening.

When you give me feedback on how to improve the Grace Filled Life Designer, I listen. Most importantly, I appreciate that the Life Designer is a valuable enough tool that you take time to give me feedback.

You needed more space on the calendar page to write down important dates and appointments. The new Life Designer is 8.5 X 11. The calendar page and your planning hub will expand across both pages

You asked for more lines to write on versus empty boxes. You now have more lines.

You also told me that having a new thought each week to meditate on was too much to implement the growth, so this time you have one a month with a weekly focus on different aspects of that meditation. This allows more time to process and apply these principles.

You enjoy the personal growth, especially the self-care bingo, so it's back with some adjustments.

You will find all of the personal growth exercises in the front this time with monthly reminders to look back at them.

I went back to the original wire-o binding. I think it's stronger than the spiral. And, It's still strong, and flexible, still able to go in your bag or shopping cart when you are running errands or grocery shopping. Even if you order online the layout allows for you to have everything organized in one space. No more scraps of paper with half your shopping list floating at the bottom of tote.

I am ordering in the next two weeks. This will allow or early delivery just in time for the holidays.

I would greatly appreciate you sharing this with all of the women in your life. You can screen shot the image or share the link to my website

Thank you for your continued support!

Much love,

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