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It's all about the Journey.

When I am driving I always set the GPS. Not because I don't know where I'm going, although I definitely use it then but I like to race the time the GPS says it will take me to arrive at my location. If I win by a minute-it's a WIN! If I get stuck in traffic and it adds time to my drive I need to drive faster to get those minutes back. Hahah, you too?

I have tried living life the same way, rushing from one place to another, rushing through seasons, and so on. The word process wasn't in my vocabulary. Nor did I understand how to focus more on the journey than the destination because the destination always seemed to change. It wasn't until my first therapist that I learned to focus more on the journey than the destination. It wasn't an easy transition to change how I thought about it but it was worth it.

The journey became my focus. It was where I learned to value what mattered most. The journey is where I grew. It's where I found my tribe. It's where I discovered my values. It's where I had permission to keep going and not stay at any given destination because there was more to be had, to see, and experience. Changing my focus didn't make the journey easier I still had to choose which way to go. And there are times that it seems all uphill or like driving up a curvy mountain road where the shoulder drops off a cliff. It's hard. And then there are times that I'm on a country road with beautiful scenery. The journey is what we make it. It's about perspective. I'm still on the journey. I hope it never ends. I still race the GPS, but I don't race through life. I am learning to live in the present moment and enjoy where I am one destination at a time. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Much love,


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