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Learning to take the good with the bad.

If you have followed me or known me for any length of time you know that I have a deep love of nature. This year I added some hanging baskets and bird feeders to the back yard. I also added a clear feeder to my French doors to get close up views of these beauties. I love to go out there in the mornings and drink my hot drink (I'm not a coffee drinker.) and listen to the birds. I even went so far as to print out a list of common backyard birds in my area to start identifying them. I have a beautiful pair of cardinals, a family of blue birds making babies in the birdhouse on my chicken coop, lots of robins, and some house finches that are beautiful. There's a few more that I haven't identified yet.

What I don't love...the mess they make with the shells and poop on my deck. I considered moving the one off my door but I realized that the pleasure that I got from seeing them was more than the annoyance of the mess they made.

As you can see I also have a really cute trespasser who has emptied my feeder more than once. I found out that if I add cayenne pepper to the feeder it will keep him away but not deter my birds. It's also good for their immune system. I add it along with other things to my ladies feed.

Do you see all those seed hulls?? Ugh! But just look at those beauties in the clear feeder. Now I know for some of you the mess is bigger than the reward. I get it. We all get to make this choices.

Talking about birds and seed hulls may seem silly but it's a great example of how we can choose if the bad is worth the reward? For me, in this instance, it is. But there are other things in my life where the negative wins out and the reward just isn't that motivating. Before you decide, weigh your thoughts and feelings. Here's another example, when Timothy is traveling during the heat of summer we have a guy that takes care of the lawn. I like to do it but not when it's 150 degrees outside. And, I don't use the edger. Now, this guy is reliable and fast but his attention to detail is lacking. But for the price he pays, it's worth it for me to not have to do it. So I pay him, look at the edging that he missed and am still thankful I didn't have to do it. And, when Timothy comes home, I tell him that no one details a yard like he does. 😊 Sometimes we need to just take the bad along with the good.

Happy Sunday and I hope you were able to sneak away and enjoy a little nature today.

Much love,


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