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Simple doesn't always mean easy...

There are things in life that are simple then there are things that are easy. The two are not equal. Stop and think about it for a minute.


  1. easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.: a simple matter;simple tools.


  1. not hard or difficult; requiring no great labor or effort: a book that is easy to read; an easy victory.

  2. free from pain, discomfort, worry, or care: He led an easy life.

Here are a few things that I think can be simple but not easy; communication, conflict resolution, confidence, love,'s that for a start? What did you come up with? Years ago I used this acrostic to teach on this concept.



I- Identity

M- Meditation

P- Process

L- Let God be God

E- Expectations

Settings- We all have default settings just like our computers have default settings. When you press this button...this happens. Being aware of our default settings and assessing if they work for us is essential to our growth and maturity.

Identity- How do I see myself? How do I think of and talk to myself? We are bombarded daily with information and content that overwhelmingly expresses how and where we don't measure up. From the color of our hair, size of our dress, to the car we drive and person we love. Knowing your authentic self is essential and may require a little time and effort.

Meditation- What are you meditating on? What are you rolling around in your mind? Are you aware of your thoughts or do they tend to run wild? Do you worry? Worry and meditation are the same process-just a different focus.

Process- If you can remember that life is not about a destination but about the journey then the process part makes more sense. Growth requires process and process takes time and patience. Are your current tools working or do you need something else?

Let God be God- We have control issues. We want to fix things and people, especially those in our family or close circle. But no one has given us permission to dabble in their life. We just do what we think is best. But if we weren't asked to's not help. It will serve you better to love, just love and be a safe place. Let God (Diving, Spirit) do their job and let us keep to doing ours.

Expectations- Unmet expectations will always cause conflict...either internally or relationally. And often we enter conflict before even realizing that we had an expectation that was unmet. Prior to the conflict, we didn't even realize that we had an expectation.

Today is a good time to ponder this idea. What in your life is simple in theory but not easy to execute? How can applying this thought bring change or make it easier? This blog is short version of a two hour class but I feel confident that you can grasp the concept and take from it what you need. Thank you for sharing this blog with your friends and the other women in your life.

And, for those of you will little ones returning to school this week I will be among them. For me classes start on Monday. Have a wonderful week!!

Much love,


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