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The universe was not aligned.

It started out as a normal day. Who has normal days?? It was stressful! I am taking a motion graphics class this semester. So far, I have only been able to work on this class on the computers at school because I didn't have enough space on my laptop. So, Timothy and I went back and forth on the best way to resolve the issue. Some of that conversation was whether I needed a new computer or if we could just move some stuff off to an external drive, etc. We landed with moving my files off and resetting my computer from scratch. If you have ever done this it's a little nerve racking. I am more attached to these files than I realized. But on Thursday evening we did it and it worked. So Friday, I start my homework with a clean slate. I download the necessary programs. I log back into my classes. So far, so good. This week I am ending a 7 week class and starting a 10 week class. Yes, you are correct, it's a lot. But like I said, so far so good. UNTIL...

The 10 week class is also Asynchronous. This instructor has included 24 videos for her lectures. They take up a lot of space. I just cleaned off my computer. I don't want to download them. So, I think, okay. I will just load them into my google drive. It has lots of space. So while I watch those videos on one monitor loading into google. I am on the other monitor completing a module for my 7 week PSY class that has a quiz due by midnight. Then I get this image. WAIT...WHAT?? Disabled. Yep. So, if you attempt to upload this amount of video it is seen as suspicious. Who knew?? Not me!

Timothy left Friday afternoon for his Man-cation. (It's his annual ATV trip to Kentucky to ride the Hatfield/McCoy trails.) I was excited to have the extra time to knock out this 7 week class and get a head start on the new class. Not to mention I had assignments in my other three classes as well. I put in a trouble call to the IT dept on campus. It was around 3:30 Friday afternoon. The IT person I spoke with couldn't resolve the problem and had to send it to Richmond. I asked him if he thought it would be resolved that day and he thought it would. Nope. And not only did it not get resolved, when I completed the module I was working on and went out to click on the quiz I was locked out of my entire CANVAS account.

Sometimes, things just don't go as planned. And sometimes, no matter how much planning we just don't/can't control all the things!! I am sure that somewhere in your personal data base you have also received a notification that you have an account that has been disabled. (Relate that to a friendship, an expectation, a job, etc) Out of nowhere and without any warning.

I will say it took me a couple hours to pull it together. All I could focus on was all that I would have to do once my account was restored, the deadlines I missed, and what I could do now to make space then. But aside from planning, and we know just how that worked last time, there's nothing I can do. This is out of my control. (Which is a sucky feeling.) So I wait. And, I breathe. And I get fresh air.

How do you handle stressful situations? Me, when I feel the stress creeping up, I slow down and breathe. So, fingers crossed that all will be restored early tomorrow morning so I can make the most of the day. But if not, I will wait patiently.

Have the best week!

Much love,

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