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Vacation's Over 🌴🍹

As I write this I am sitting in the airport in Atlanta waiting for our connection. We were up at three to fly out of Orlando. That's an abrupt way to end vacation. But we spend a wonderful week aboard ship, meeting new people, eating delicious food, exploring new places, and relaxing with one another.

I'll share some photos from our trip and some of my favorite moments but first I want to tell you about Nicole. I met Nicole during one of our excursions. She was a young to mid 20something traveling with her husband. We were all together for a full day excursion in the Dominic Republic. We started off at a monkey sanctuary, hiked to a waterfall, and then drove ATV's through the village and some muddy trails. She was extremely anxious about the monkeys. But she was able to go in and they jumped all over her like the rest of us. But mostly, when we finally got to the waterfall she wasn't interested in going down the falls (like a slide). She was fearful and she couldn't swim. But she did it! She climbed up that ladder and slid down that mountain! It took her a few minutes to recover but she did and I was so proud of her! Later that day, I told her when she got home she needed to get a tattoo that said badass and never forget how brave she had been that day! There were others too, people that showed up and concurred their fear.

The hospitality of the ship staff was excellent. The food was good. I found two new drinks that were delicious. I tried cacao, fresh off the tree and so much more.

I hope you make some time to have an adventure, be inspired by the courage of a stranger, and spend some time away from the distractions of life.

Now as we head back into the reality of life we will hold on to these sweet memories and new friends. And, do laundry...hahah.

Have the best week available to you.

Much love,

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