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Week 1 of 2024~

Last week I addressed the need for rest as we begin a new year. Many of us still have what feels like holiday hangover. I know I do. I have been out of school since the first week of December and it wasn't until this last week that I was really able to stop and rest. For many of you that work outside your home you probably didn't even get that. I hope you are all able to schedule it out and take some time to rest. (Yes, I said schedule it.) You are worth that space on your calendar.

Now for the other half of you that read my blog and are itching to start 2024 strong working on your goals. If you have the Grace Filled Life Designer, there are at least four pages in the personal growth section that are for you! There is also space to write them out each month and to give you a focal point each week to help you stay on track. If you don't have the Grace Filled Life Designer (Why not?) message me if you want a handout to track your goals. I am also available to assist with accountability if you are looking for someone to partner with. Having a coach is a great way to achieve your goals and set the appropriate intentions.

It doesn't matter which camp you fall in to, we all need rest and we are more likely to achieve our goals/intentions when we write them down. These things require balance. Balance is a juggling act of glass and rubber balls. You gotta know which one you can let drop at any given moment.

As we continue through 2024 it is my desire that you will feel seen and inspired when you read this blog, see my social media posts, and by me personally.

Have the best year available to you and I'll be back next week in your email box.

Much love,

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