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Welcome to July🔥

Last week I shared about the week Timothy and I had and returning home to spend the week with our two older grandchildren. So, they left today and the two littles got here on Wednesday. So for the last couple of days our house has been one busy place. I have loved every minute of it. The two older ones left this morning and the two littles went to the beach with their mom. Timothy and I took this opportunity to reset, clean up a little, and get our shopping done for the holiday. The way these four get along and play together warms my heart. My older two do a great job of taking care of the littles.

As if our own weren't enough, tonight my great niece is sleeping over with them and our sweet little neighbor is coming over for Disney movie night and homemade donuts. Here's a little glimpse into our week.

As a family we have Dairy Queen dates. We did this last night so everyone could see the older two before they left this morning. It gave the littles a chance to play together and for us adults to catch up. It's a nice break for my mom to have everyone there together. My sisters come with their people and this time one of them had an unexpected grand baby with them that lives out of town.


This is how things are in my world. I am taking advantage of the small pockets of time to breathe but really focusing on being present and making memories with these loves. How are you doing? How is your summer? Up until this week, we have had beautiful weather. It's finally hitting the 90's. I'm. not mad that it took so long. I know summer can be busy in a fun way but don't let the busy keep you from taking care of yourself, listening to your body, and taking time to rest when you need it. Remember self care is about feeding your soul and doing or not doing those things. Maybe it's a book to read, a new meditation practice, trying out your green thumb and planting some herbs. Whatever you decide I hope you enjoy it and learn more about yourself.

Happy July.

Much love,


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