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What else is in transition?

Pause, look out the window. Do you see the flowers and trees blooming The birds are chirping and finding places to build their nests. Take a deep breath (watch out for the pollen) and enjoy the moment. Don't rush. Spring is an exciting time of year. It's a time that nature reveals to us her changes, the changes that are always happening but we don't always see. There is so much beauty to be seen...if we are willing to see it. (This includes the beauty you see when you look in the mirror.)

As you go through your week, planning and accessing all the responsibilities and obligations you have be aware of your self-talk, your thoughts towards yourself, and how you are loving yourself. Practice the self-care that brings joy and peace to your soul. Dig deeper into the areas that cause you stress and frustration. Is there a new way you can approach them that would be better for you and increase your peace of mind?

Release control of the things you cannot change. Stop trying to solve problems that aren't your problems to solve. You are not responsible for fixing everyone and everything. Redirect that energy to caring for yourself in ways that feed your soul. You are beautiful, intelligent, and kind. You are loved. You deserve peace and joy in your everyday life.

Have the best week available to you!!

Much love,

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