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What's blooming in your life?🌸

Spring has sprung in our neighborhood. It's a beautiful time of year with the daffodils blooming and the flowering trees in pinks, purples, and white blossoms. It's not quite so beautiful on those of us with allergies but I'll take it. To me nature is always reflective of what's also happening in our lives. So, what's blooming in your life?

If you do any kind of gardening you know that in order for plants to grow they need good soil for nutrients, water, and sunshine. It's also helpful to remove the weeds. The weeds can choke out the root system of your plants and also take their nutrients. That same principle is true for us. There are distractions in our lives that can act like those weeds and keep us from growing, from blooming. What are your weeds? They could be people, thought processes, busyness, or even your devices.

Last year when I was talking about a weed that grew in my flowerbed but I kinda liked the way it looked and I was gonna keep it, they asked me why I thought that particular thing was a weed? What classified it as a weed? Great question...I got to choose in that situation if it was helpful or desired in my garden or not. You get to choose too. You choose how you spend your time. You choose what you plant and cultivate and what you allow to take up root in your life. Be sure the things that take root add beauty to your life.

This week pay attention to the beauty in your life and be grateful. Also, notice what distractions are present that are hindering your growth process. You deserve beauty...but sometimes that requires weeding. Weeding is hard work. But the results are worth it!!

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