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What's on your NOT to do list?

I'm a list maker. I like to have a list and check off things as I accomplish them. Sometimes, I have even been known to add something I completed that wasn't on the list just so I could check it off. How about you? I have realized there are two kinds of people, list makers and everyone else. If you are the person who can keep things in your mind and stay on track, I'm impressed with you. Me, if I don't write it down one of two things will happen. One, I will completely forget or two, I will roll it around in my head continuously until I do it or write it down and that's exhausting. So, I make lists. And, I use colored post-its and different color ink pens to help things stand out to me. This system for me works.

Last week I wrote about permission (boundaries). This idea of a Not To-Do list goes along well with your permissions. Above are some examples of things that can go on your Not to do list.

  1. I have permission NOT to do stuff that drains me emotionally.

  2. I will NOT feel guilty for saying No to people or to things I don't want to do.

  3. I will NOT be responsible for other peoples stuff. This includes stuff at work and/or at home that's not my responsibility.

  4. I will NOT feel stress for things that are out of my control. Instead I will practice my breathing techniques.

  5. I will NOT feel guilty for resting, relaxing, or listening to my body.

  6. ...add your own NOT to do here...

This is just another way to think about what you do and why. It's a way to practice the self-care that you deserve. It's also an awareness for you when you see other women practice these permissions. Honor them, applaud their courage, support their decisions. No explanations, justifications, or reasons necessary. Be kind to yourself and to others.

Much love,


The image used in this blog is from the Grace Filled Life Designer. This is one of many pages of self-care practices. You can still order the 2023 Grace Filled Life Designer or if you wait a couple months you will be able to pre-order the 2024 Grace Filled Life Designer.

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