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When needs turn into pursuits...

Last fall I started a new journey by going back to school. I signed up at our local community college to pursue graphic design. I have always loved dabbling with art and as a life coach I created a lot of material for my clients. The same when I was teaching. Not only did I create the curriculum but I wanted it to be pretty as well. In 2020, I wanted to create a project that was larger than I had done before. I wanted to take the materials that I often used with my clients and combine them into one beautifully designed guide. I had no idea where to start. I was reminded this week of my Facebook post looking for recommendations for a graphic designer.

I managed to do it with the help of my sister and my niece's husband who created the cover and inside graphics. The first Life Designer was created using Publisher and printed at Office Max.

This was three years and 10 planners ago. For the first two years, the Life Designer was quarterly. Then for 2023 I put together the first annual Life Designer. Whew, it was a lot. I had to write the 52 thoughts/devotions, design the theme, find affirmations for the entire year and choose which personal growth activities to include. I made several updates to that Life Designer after listening to the requests each of you offered.

Tomorrow, I will receive the 2024 Grace Filled Life Designer from the printer. And as always, I have made updates. This is the largest designer yet. It's 8.5 X 11 with a wire bound cover. I wrote every thought, and even designed the monthly thought pages using alcohol inks. I did collaborate with my friend Carly for the affirmations. I know they will be exactly what you need each day. You can still order the 2024 Life Designer. I have a few that haven't been spoken for out of this first batch. It makes a great gift too.

I have loved every moment of school. Well, not all the hours of homework. But I love the professors, my classmates, and learning. It was scary but it's paying off in ways I couldn't have predicted. What need do you have that no one can seem to fill? Is it a pursuit waiting for you to partake? It was for me.

Much love,

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