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Which one are you?

When you are in a group of people, who are you? If you have studied personality or taken any of those personality assessments maybe you already know how you show up. Whether you base this off the Enneagram, DISC, Meyers Brig, or even my favorite, the 4-Lenses temperament assessment, knowing how you show up matters. Maybe you aren't familiar with any of those assessments, it's still important to know how you show up. Are you super friendly, know how to work a room, busy behind the scenes, off to the side talking to one of two people, or at home in your pjs watching the event take place through posts on social media.

I have been a part of many groups and I've noticed recently that I show up differently today than when I was younger. We'll save the reasons behind why I think that is for another blog. I used to be loud, very chatty, and I could easily work the room. Now, I'm the one standing to the side talking to one or two people and watching the others. Kindness is important to me. And not just being kind to me but to my people, to strangers, to everyone. I want everyone to feel seen and welcome. Do you greet others first or wait to be greeted? Are you aware of the messages you send through your facial expressions and your body language? Do you encourage or criticize? How do other people perceive you? Do you know? Does it matter?

It's spring and there is so much growth and beauty all around us. Let nature inspire you to raise the bar in your own growth. Demonstrate that beauty to others. Let the love and kindness within to overflow and spill out into your everyday life, friendships, business, and conversations. (Maybe even in your driving.) Be intentional in how you show up this week.

Much love,


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