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Why does rest feel like cheating?

Let me start by sharing how this topic evolved. This week has had a lot of moving parts. First, there's school and have I mentioned the 7 week environmental science class with lab that I'm taking? It's a lot! Taking this class makes 6 classes for me to juggle because the lab is its own class. And this professor gives exams, like full no notes exams. It makes my brain hurt. At this point in my life, after also being a teacher, I think the biggest part of learning is knowing how to obtain the information versus committing it all to memory, which I already struggle with, but I digress. On top of my school stuff, Tim is traveling and left this week.

And, I have a retreat this weekend where the theme is to unplug. Oh, how I want to unplug. To add a little more context, I have a retreat next weekend too. Now, as lovely as this sounds, I don't love that they are back to back. These are both retreats that I attend every year and look forward to, for very different reasons. But the preparation that it takes to get everything done in order to enjoy the retreat, it's a bit overwhelming.

On my way home class one day this week I couldn't get my phone to connect to the bluetooth in my car so I finally gave up and just rode in silence. This normally doesn't bother me. But instead of the silence, my thoughts became very loud. And while processing all the things on my plate, and trying to breathe, this question occurred to me, Why does rest feel like cheating? I prefer to get all the work done and then rest. You would think I might be better at it than I used to be after coaching so many woman through it but the anxiety of getting behind is just overwhelming.

I am sure I am not alone here. I have other classmates who struggle just as I am sure many of you do too. Women are busy. You are the center of your world. So how do we survive when the struggle is so real? I am trying to breathe, pausing to take deep breaths keeps me calm and centered. I make a cut off time in the evenings so I can unwind before going to sleep. I also know staying hydrated, stretching, and being in nature...even if it's a short time, can refresh me. This weekend, I am doing just that! And, I am making plans to celebrate when this class is over. It will be one more hard thing that I did and survived.

I hope you have the most wonderful weekend (if you caught this blog early) otherwise, happy Sunday.

Much love,

Ps. You still have access to a free download on the homepage of my website. Enjoy and share it with a friend.

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