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You have permission...

Permission is such an easier word to digest and process than the word boundary. When I made this transition in my life it was a game changer. Boundary is like diet, no one hears what comes after that word even if what comes after it is helpful. Permission can be~I have permission to...or not to...

This has been an important change for my clients as well. Permission is easier to process and digest. Here are some examples. You can substitute your situation to make them fit into your life.

Establishing these boundaries are like installing a fence. We use fences for privacy and protection. They keep out the bad and keep in the good. They protect what's on the inside. Healthy boundaries do the same thing. They protect what's on the inside. YOU. Keep in mind that your fence has a gate and you get to choose when to open it and for whom you open it, and you don't have to open it if it doesn't feel safe.

Establishing healthy boundaries (permissions) is essential to living a healthy life. As women, culture has conditioned us to be kind and quiet. If we are assertive or direct it's often seen as a negative. It's not! That same behavior in men is considered good leadership and strong. The way we change that is by applauding and supporting other women when we see them being brave, assertive, and speaking up. We can be united and supportive instead of competitive and petty. Be brave and let others know when you see them being brave too. Spend some time today reviewing what permissions you need in your life, in your work, in your relationships.

This image was taken from the 2023 Grace Filled Life Designer. I add personal growth exercises throughout each life designer. Personal growth has been such a big part of my growth journey that I want to share that with other women. If this interests you the 2024 Life Designer is in the works now. I hope to make it available in October for pre-sale.

Enjoy August, it's our last month of summer. Stay hydrated and take time to ground yourself, walk barefoot, go to the ocean, or simply sit in nature. There's an amazing reset that happens in your body when you take time to reset.

Much love,


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