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You survived it...

Take a deep breath. Yes, really, right now. You survived that holiday gathering and the biggest shopping day of the year!!! Maybe you did something different this year and didn't gather with family or go out on Black Friday. You are still a survivor. It's November of 2023 and we have almost closed out another year. Wow, that seems kinda crazy, like the time has flown by.

I read a post today that was addressed to all the tired mama's out there. She then went on to say if you haven't put up your tree and if you didn't go out shopping despite the pressure or even desire to do so, good for you!! She was right there with you. I agree. Good for you. I however, do have my tree up, did the family thing and the shopping all while my husband popped in for a day and half before heading out again and this mama is tired. What's worse than being tired? Not having any alone time. I am an introvert and I need (require) alone time to be at my best. Tomorrow, I am not leaving the house. It will be just me and the dog and I couldn't be happier about it!

How about you? How are you? How have you been practicing a little self-care? What can you do this week that will feed your soul? In order for us to be at our best and give so much of ourselves to others we have to make ourselves a priority. I pushed this weekend and my body is fully aware and not happy about it. I know there are times that we have to push through despite our needs. But we can only sustain that for a short time.

One of my favorite practices is soaking. I immerse my body in that hot water with a bath bomb, salts, or bubbles. I light the candles and often listen to a book. It's peaceful. I also practice meditation when I need to re-center myself.

I love the holiday season. If you know me, this isn't a surprise at all! I love everything about it. But, in order for me to love it and be able to fully enjoy it and be present for others and myself, I have to take time for me.

I plan it. I am intentional. I want this for you too.

In the Grace Filled Life Designer, I always devote specific pages for personal growth and self-care is one of those.

If you struggle with making yourself a priority, figuring out what to do or. not do, please reach out. I would love to help you design your best life!!

Much love,

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