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5 Tips for Recharging Your Mind and Body After a Long Week

How do you recharge? Take a minute and think about it. I know for some of you running on empty feels like your norm. Maybe we should start by noticing what happens when we need to recharge. What are the signs? For me, I start feeling overwhelmed. My chest feels tight. I am cranky or quickly irritated and use a sharp tone. I lash out at the people that I love the most. When I need to recharge it effects me emotionally, physically, and relationally, and often before I even realize what's going on.

When this became a repeating pattern, an all too familiar feeling, something needed to change. Me. My routines, my habits. I had to learn how to build in ways to recharge into my routine. I know, I didn't think there was enough time in the day either. It's like, really, one more thing I have to do? But I quickly learned that building in some margin and taking better care of myself actually saved me more time in the big picture. I made fewer mistakes and needed less time to repair the things I messed up. Some of you will find this easier to implement than others. Some of you will struggle with guilt over taking this time for yourself. I wish I could take that from you. But you will need to do this for yourself in order for it to stick. You deserve all the love and care that you wish or lavish on those around you!

I am giong to share with you a short list of easy to implement items that you can easily add to your routine. In fact, if this is new to you...schedule them in, write them in your Life Designer, set reminders or alarms in your phone until it becomes a habit.

  1. Fresh air- Take time to step outside and breath. Go for a walk. Throw the ball with your child or pet. Take a walk.

2. Meditate- I can't tell you how powerful this practice has been for me. It has really allowed me to maintain my inner peace and focus on the big picture instead of what's happening in the moment.

3. Hydrate- Do I even need to tell you the benefits of staying hydrated? Your body, organs, and brain need water. You will have less brain fog and body aches when you stay hydrate

4. Self-care- You already know that I am a huge proponent of self-care. And I want to remind you that there's a difference between self-care and beauty maintenance. As women, I think we often excuse our beauty routines as self-care. Maybe/maybe not. Self-care should feed your soul. If getting your hair done, a pedicure, etc feeds your soul, great! If not, it's not self-care. It's beauty maintenance, which you also deserve.

5. Play- This one is hard for many of us. Tap into your inner child. Laugh. Be silly. Play. Build a fort with your child or grandchild. Go or make a scavenger hunt. Play board games or backyard games. Plan an adventure. Reminisce about the things that you loved as a child.

One other thing that practicing meditation did for me was to make me aware of my body. I was able to feel where there was tension or grief. I learned how my body talks to me. Because I am a pretty flexible, easy-going person there are times that my mind doesn't feel stress but my body does. I have learned to listen to my body and make the necessary adjustments in my routine. I hope there is something in this that you find helpful and you don't feel like this is just one more thing you need to's really about Being over Doing. But in order to change, it has to start with the Do. This week make one change- add one thing or take away one thing that gives you the opportunity to recharge. When you do, reach out to me and share it with me. I want to celebrate with you.

Much love,

Ps. I updated the free download this week. It's on the homepage. Just click on 'download'.

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