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A gift for you gift 🎁

It's that time of year!! It is the most generous time of year and keeping with that tradition I will be offering a gift to you each week leading to the new year. All you have to do is click on the download button on the homepage of my website to recieve it.

I will keep this blog short because I know you have a number of things that require your attention, so thank you for giving me the gift of your time. This week I finished my third semester. was a lot of work to get all the final projects complete. Fortunately, I have great friends in class and using facetime to keep eachother motivated we could work together without leaving our home. This was a huge asset to our grades and understanding the material but also it cultivated beautiful friendships.

For the remainder of the month, just like you, I have several moving pieces. But I hope they don't feel as rushed when they happen as they feel when I think about it. 🎄 I will be visiting some of my favorite people before Christmas and will have all my kids and grandkids home for the holiday!! What more could a mama ask for? (that they get along and are kind to one another) 🙄 That what I really desire...the peace of the holiday. I hope this for you too!!

If you are still in need of a gift for the busy women in your life, (or yourself) the Life Designer is still available and makes a very thoughtful gift.

It will arrive already wrapped and ready for you to give or you can include the address of the recipient and I will mail it to them for you.

Have the most wonderful week. Keep breathing, those deep breaths go a long way in keeping you calm. Enjoy a good book, a soak in the tub, or a light hearted conversation with a friend. You deserve it! 🩷

Much love,

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