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Get out in nature

In the fall, I like to take my grandchildren out on a scavenger hunt. I have done this with all of them as toddlers. We go out with a bucket to see how many different things we can see. We gather leaves of different colors and shapes and other things like maybe an acorn or interesting stick. Sometimes we glue them to paper and make a collage. Other times we lay them out and talk about them. Sharing my love of nature with my family is important to me. My grandfather had a love of nature. He grew up in an era and place where the land was important. It was his livelihood. Later in life, he wrote poetry about that land and his love for it. I love it too. I love the majestic mountains and the vast ocean. I love the way the grass feels under my bare feet. I love to watch my ladies (my hens) peck around the yard, and to listen to the birds, especially in the Spring.

There is so much beauty in nature. So much simplicity yet complex processes that have to take place in order for it to be. How can you get out and experience some of this beauty? Maybe you don’t really love going outside, then bring outside in. You can do that with plants, with color, and with something as simple as finding a beautiful nature scene on YouTube with calming music.

Much love,

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Carla Marshall
Carla Marshall
04 nov 2023

I love the scavenger hunt Idea.

Me gusta
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