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This one is for you~

I am not on social media as much as I used to be. I miss seeing how all my friends and family are doing and the fun things they post. As a creator, I am supposed to post a lot and stay engaged. I can't. I don't know how to fit in the time and stay true to my values and other obligations. I scroll (usually at night) and I like and try to comment on your posts, but by the end my engagement is not that impressive. Then there's the algorithm thing. 🙃 I only see a portion of posts that my friends make. So, I'm sure only a portion of them see mine. While this in itself if an issue my other issue is how to expand my market for the Grace Filled Life Designer.

I acknowledge that the Life Designer is not for every woman, although it has a lot of value. I need to find the women who flourish in the structure it provides. Women who value personal growth, organization, and self-care. Women who need a few more minutes every day just to pause long enough to take a deep breath before continuing in their day. Women who wear many hats and often put themselves last. You know these women. They are your friends, co-workers, sisters, and neighbors. I need your help getting the Life Designer into their hands.

The 2024 Annual Life Designer is:

📒8.5 X 11, wire bound

📒Durable and fits nicely in your bag for those trips to the grocery store or office.

📒Contains monthly calendars, space for your goals, practicing gratitude and self-care, cultivating relationships, establishing healthy boundaries, shopping list, meal plan, to-to lists and so much more!

🌸Every page is beautiful! NOT just the cover.

🤔Each month starts with a thought for you to meditate on and a weekly question to respond to.

Creating the Life Designer is a labor of love. I have spent hundreds of hours on this design to ensure it's the best product for you. I listen to your feedback and make adjustments accordingly. For each of you who take the time to read my posts and blogs and support my business- Thank you! If you currently use the Life Designer, have given it as a gift, or helped me make design decisions with the cover and content, etc- Thank you! I truly couldn't do this without your support! 🩷 The Life Designer is currently at the printers. It will arrive mid November with plenty of time to receive it before the new year and to gift it for the holidays. And, if you purchase before November 1st I have an additional gift to add to your package.

If you want more information or have questions, please reach out. You can also see more images on my website. Here's a peek at the inside. To see the full images ( not the cropped images below) open the Life Tools tab on my website.

Thank you!! I appreciate you!

Much love,

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