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What are you thinking about?

Do you ever think about what you're thinking about? I know, it's a mouthful.

How often do you blink and realize that your thoughts have gone crazy or seem to have a mind of their own? Too often?

We can fix our thoughts...meaning, we can choose what we think and how we think about it. The brain is a muscle that requires training like every other muscle. In fact, we can rewire our thinking and change our default settings. First, we notice our thought patterns. What aspects are healthy and what aspects need to change? Next, we feed our brain new thoughts or perspective. You can do this through books, podcasts, or even conversations.

When I acknowledge an area that isn't working for me any longer, it's usually because I said or thought something that wasn't helpful to the situation. What do I want to think or say next time? I will then practice or meditate on the new response or behavior. I extend grace to myself and hopefully the next time I will make a better choice. If not, my recovery time will certainly be quicker. And I will keep practicing the new thought until it becomes my default.

You may have heard this quote before. If not, enjoy. It's a thought to ponder that would benefit all of us to put into practice. How we think about things, people, and situations matter. They will determine our future and mostly our peace.

Another tool I use is I Practice the pause. I say nothing unless I am asked. This one was challenging for me early on, but I am much better at it than I used to be. I don't try to solve a problem that isn't mine to solve. Which means I also don't create them in my mind where there isn't one. How about you? How often do you try to solve someone else's problem without them asking for your help? You can offer your help or advice but ask permission first and don't be upset it they say, no thank you.

I'd love to hear how this resonates with you. Please email me @ or you can connect through my website or social media. Feel free to forward this email to those in your life who could use this information. Have the best week!

Much love,


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